Bringing us to the table, Smart Plate
Technological innovation has made possible what was once merely a figment of our imagination. But this same innovation has made the user experience inconvenient and complex, creating barriers. By making the user experience the central tenet of our design, we break down those barriers. After all, easier access brings people closer together.
Digital function in analog form
Our design philosophy focuses on the genuine human experience, beyond the tech specs. Although it features cutting-edge technology on the inside, Smart Plate is a standalone object of simple beauty. Just as a chef artfully presents a meal on a plate, your priceless moments are shared on Smart Plate. Smart Plate comes in colors and materials that complement any environment. The included magnetic cover protects the display on the go or when not in use, or functions as a stand in two different positions. An optional wall mount is also available. Each Smart Plate is individually numbered on the back of its magnetic cover to accentuate its limited run.
Sharing with your loved ones
Send photos taken by your smartphone to Smart Plate quickly and easily. Share your special moments with your loved ones. Let us help you stay closer. Smart Plate’s dedicated mobile app is included free of charge and regularly updated. Using Smart Plate, along with its app, is easy and intuitive. Simply connect Smart Plate to wireless Internet and download the app on your smartphone. Select photos and send.
New perspectives, new experiences
Asking extraordinary questions in everyday life – that’s where we begin. Connecting people to products, products to products, and people to people is what drives us every day. By applying a unique perspective and a new understanding, we elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary, because that’s the kind of world we envision. One Thousand is a “micro market” brand, producing an initial run of 1000 of each new product. The products validated by the first 1000 consumers are then carefully selected for mass production. This is our innovative approach to bringing ideas to life. By redefining relationships, we present consumers with unique experiences. By creating innovative experiences based on new technologies, and emotional experiences based on new perspectives, we connect people to products, products to products, and people to people closer together.
Tangram Factory designs and manufactures products focused around the user experience, where leading technology and intuitive design help bring people closer together. Tangram Factory is a subsidiary of Tangram Design Lab, an award-winning multi-disciplinary design agency established in Seoul in 2008. 

In addition to our innovative work for clients, Tangram has also created products under the Tangram brand, from ideation to prototyping all the way to production and marketing. Tangram has the unique ability to produce hardware, software, and the entire user experience.

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